Industrial Software

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Ge–Mac produce software for the automation of industrial processes and though this is dominated by the use of PLC's it increasingly demands an integrator with Ge–Mac's skill base to develop and integrate with Management Information Systems.

At the machine control level Ge–Mac support all the major PLC systems. Commonly programs are written in one of the IEC 61131-3 standard programming languages such as structured text, instruction list or ladder. Our engineers adopt a structured analytical approach to programming and aim to produce simple, straightforward and modular code capable of being enhanced and reused.

Above the PLC level Ge-Mac have a strong track record in bespoke VB applications and SCADA systems. Today many of our applications are shipped with an MS SQL server to allowing tracking, reporting, visualization and production data to be made available throughout the end-user's organisation.

In the real-world there are an increasing number of legacy systems performing vital tasks within the production environment. This presents challenges of supporting or maintaining production during major renovation. Our engineers have experience in the field going back over twenty years and are therefore well placed to provide support for these systems.