Case Studies

Warehouse Picking Trolley

System Type: Battery System for Picking Trolley

Design and build of a battery powered system with hot-swappable primary battery to maintain adequate power to all the components on a mobile picking trolley. The picking trolley has an on–board PC, touch-screen, pick–to–light system and wireless network adapter and allows the operator to move around the picking aisles in the warehouse exchanging order data with the Warehouse Management System.

Ge–Mac's power system allowed the trolley to stay up for a guaranteed 8 hour period, a warning light showed when the primary battery required changing. At change over the operator is able to unplug the main battery without any loss of operation, the secondary battery then takes over seamlessly and allows ten minutes of operation before the new primary battery is plugged in. Once the new primary battery is plugged in recharging of the secondary battery takes place automatically.

The Ge–Mac workshop also assembled all of the components on the trolley, each of the forty six trolleys then underwent a soak test before being shipped to site.